Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Webseries on the go

     I've always been a dreamer. Even to the point of leaving reality behind on some days to get lost in my thoughts of other lives to live, other people to be, future hopes and past what if's. It's kinda the thing I do, when I can. More often than not, I dream of filming my own little series, or acting in a show watched by people.

   So, I wrote a series. Gonna act in it. Got cameras, lights, AC cords, diffusion, gels, markers... I got all the equipment I need, and people to use said equipment. Think I'm going to try and use IndieGoGo to raise some funds so I can feed everyone and give them a wrap party they'll never forget. (Well, some might forget due to alcohol... but that's another story.)

   I'll keep ya updated.

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