Friday, 9 March 2012

Politics, and the $%!*storm it's causing.

I still watch about one Documentary a day, I try my best to keep away from the political ones because usually they use rhetoric and images to cause feelings of anger in the person watching it, so they feel they should stand up for what's right, good and just.

I don't necessarily object to watching something that causes me to feel emotion, either anger, fear, pity, etc. etc. I just wish, for a second, that we could get out of the mindset that if we 'elect' the right person, we will be taken care of.

Fuck that.

If someone tells you that they have your best interests at heart, they are either;

a) Your loving and caring mother, who has done nothing but try and provide you with the best start to life possible. (I say this because there are some mothers not so caring and loving...)

b) A liar.

See, when anyone tells you, especially a large group of you, that they have your best interests in mind they are lying, they have to be, because there is no way that one person can work for the better interests of millions. People have different needs and interests. Beyond basic shelter, food and health, we are all very different entities. The moment any politician leaves a podium after a speech that leaves the country feeling unified, he has to pander to special interests groups, and that's just so that politician can get re-elected. It costs so much money for elections, that corporate money is necessary, meaning that all politicians have to sell their soul in some fashion, just to stay in the game. Politicians can only keep the peoples interests, if it is also the interests of the money-train funding that politicians election. You cannot get elected if nobody hears your message, fact.

Part of me would love to give up and just live off the land, turn my back on the world, and look after me and my own. Unfortunately, for most of the developed world, that just isn't possible, there are laws Prohibiting hunting all over the world, and what if we all tuned into hunters? Could the diminishing wildlife sustain us? I don't know, doesn't seem likely if the food industry needs so many growth hormones to keep up with the current demand. It's not legal to build yourself a house and live in it. There are codes to make sure that the home you have is safe, notice also, there are laws protecting the contractor if the house is later proved, unsafe or uninhabitable. In essence, we're stuck in our urban jungles we created. In order to survive, we need hard currency, dollers, dollars, pounds, won.. etc. etc. In order to get currency, we have to work. To get a job, one needs some form of education, money again.

So what do you do? Well that's the thing, you, or rather, "We" let it get to this. We are the reason life sucks so much for us, because we decided that it's okay to let other people make all of our decisions. it's easier. You want a democratic system that works? Well you have to take part in it, you have to keep up with the debates, the bills, the laws, you have to keep reminding the people WE voted for, that WE are their bosses. When we elect someone to represent us, and then never bother to question or persist or even follow what they are doing, we are giving them the right to dictate how we live. If we don't even care about what happens to us, then the people we elect surely won't give a damn either.

You want to find someone to blame for the state of the world, look in the mirror, then educate yourself on the matter. We have all but given up our power, laws and bills have been passed that allow citizens to be detained indefinitely, without charge, without trial, and even without evidence. We demanded that, for our "safety" and peace of mind, so we can eat our TV dinners, laugh at Sheldon's opinions of Penny and pretend we got the life that dreams are made of.

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