Sunday, 25 March 2012

Do you know what your child is learning at school?

I didn't want to raise any alarms, I didn't think it would be a problem, but I'm seeing this in our schools and homes, and I cannot be silent any longer. There is a problem and we need to act fast.

Did you know that your young girls are being taught that they are the property of their fathers, or their husbands and that they must always submit to the dominate male figure in the household?

Did you know that our kids are being taught that racism is not only okay, but that it's a good thing?

Did you know that children who had no history of violence are being exposed to extreme violence without you, the parent's permission?

Did you know that your children are being taught to believe in creatures that cannot be seen, heard, smelled tasted, touched, measured or quantified, and they are tested on the understanding of this imaginary entity.

That's right, your children are being taught RELIGION. And according to the people who believe in the talking fire-bush, Dinosaurs and man lived side-by-side, and any real scientist is just "Trying to cover your eyes to the real truth."

So we gotta make a decision: Do we follow science, which can be measured, quantified with our five senses, gives us answers to questions in the real world or, Religion, which is interpreted by an old guy who reads a collection of old books, and gives us answers about a world which might exist, somewhere else.


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